Thursday, 2 May 2013

Our Charity Work

Our Crazy Quilt

The members of our guild are very generous with their time and talent.  Every year they produce numerous quilts for a variety of charities as gifts or for fund raising purposes.  This year I asked them to participate in the creation of a crazy quilt.  The finished piece will be used to help with the fund raising efforts for "The International Children's Theater Festival" that will be hosted by the city of Stratford, Ontario in June 2016.

Luckily for us, the fabrics and trimmings were provided by the Stratford Festival workshops.  These scraps represent every costume that was worn in their stage productions for their 60th anniversary year. Members participated by purchasing a kit that consisted of a 10.5" muslin square foundation and a selection of fabric and trim.  They had up to four months to return the finished blocks. Forty two kits were sold and forty came back by the due date!  The finished piece will consist of 8 rows x 5 rows wide.  For some members, this provided an opportunity to try techniques which were new to them.

The challenge was well met and the resulting blocks are not only beautiful on their own, but are resulting in a balanced and attractive quilt. I have the task of assembling the blocks into a coherent arrangement and further embellishing the seams.  I thought that I would share some details with you and when the top is finally assembled I hope to display it at our show in April 2014.

Silk ribbon embroidery adds texture and detail

Some participants chose to show off their needlework skills

A grandmother's fan makes for an interesting block
Thanks to everyone who participated in this project.

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